Monday, February 6, 2012

I love you because...

All right, so we`ve all seen those couples that are sickly sweet with their love, and make everybody want to either hit them or be them, right? Right. I am personally not a fan of PDA that goes any further than holding hands or hugging (and maybe a quick kiss on the cheek) because I really do believe that kisses and other outward signs of affection is best done in your home and not on display for the whole world to see. I feel that a kiss between my husband and I is a very private thing that belongs only to the two of us and not to any gawking spectators (which made me oh so thankful that the DJ at our wedding thought of a game that would stop that annoying clinking on plates & glasses that guests make to get the couple to kiss).

Same goes for any extravagant words of love between the two of us. I would feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, and very awkward if a friend of mine suddenly gushed out his love verbally for his girlfriend right in front of us at the movies, for example. Such things are best kept between person one and two, and not the whole world. So, knowing this about myself, I was very surprised when I suggested to Jeff while we were out a few nights ago that we play the 'I love you because...' game. This was something I had read about and never done because I thought it was silly, and potentially hazardous.

The game is simple, each person at a time says to his better half` I love you because... and adds a reason at the end of the sentence. It could be anything and everything, and when s/he is done, it is the other person`s turn to reply with a different reason than the one just stated. For example, you cant reply I love you because your hair is shiny to your husband`s I love you because your hair is long. You also can`t use the game to bring up a fight or argument you had i.e.: I love you because I KNOW you will do those dishes sitting in the sink that I asked you to do three days ago. The game goes on until you run out of things to say.

Got you gagging yet?

In any case, we started to play and shot off 20 something things easily without a pause. You know, those things everybody says to their better halves, almost generic things that are found in the Hallmark cards. And that`s when it gets interesting. Because once youve said those things your used to saying everyday or so, you get to the bottom of where you affection of stems for the other person, and the game becomes something special. I heard things from the hubby that made me choke on my water with laughter, like 'I love you because you don`t wear cleavagy shirts anymore', and I said things that I didn't even know I knew, like 'I love you because I know when you argue and get really pissed off and yell, its because you care.' . Huh, go figure.

Sometimes the breaks between the reasons were longer, and other times they flew out of our mouths. We thought at the end of our dinner, that we had run out of things but 5 minutes later we were quick firing them again. But it made me realize that we dont spend enough time identifying those feelings with actions. Yes, I love my husband, but why, exactly? Because this, and this, and that. And vice-versa. It really makes you understand how perfectly suited you are to one another, despite how different you are.

Because if anybody else yelled at me, I would probably punch them.

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