Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to Basics - and other ftw things

Things I want to live by and stop being such a lazy wuss AND GET TO IT

1. Growing my own food - What is wrong with us that we would prefer to grown absolutely useless and ugly LAWNS made out of INEDIBLE GRASS rather than use all that space (and most likely optimal sunshine quota) for food??? My future house neighbors better get ready because I am not going to have any pink flamingoes on my front lawn, no sir.

2. Canning - MORE canning!! Canning the essentials rather buying stupid chemicals that make us SICK.

3. Buying local food when in season - the two are mutually exclusive. Know your farmer, know your food, have a relationship with your meal rather than shove McD shit in your mouth and swallow it down.

4. Sewing - REPAIR rather than SPENDING. We have a real fucked up mind system when a small hole in a sock/pant/shirt/blanket/jacket isnt worthy of repair but rather the garbage. Totally given, some people dont have the sewing bug in them. BUT Im not saying that people should all say screw you to Walmart and start making their own clothes. But EVERYBODY can pick up a needle, thread it, and sew a patch or a rip. SELF-TAUGHT!

4. Meeting up for coffee rather than meeting up on FB - chatting/posting epically fails compared to being together FO'REAL.

5. Self-expression through artisitic means - I will never quit poetry, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, decorating, sculpting, fabricating, etc. You should try it. Guaranteed better than yelling at the closest loved one for xyz.

I am done using shouty capitals. Welcome back.