Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Love comes in carelessly uttered words

I want to share something real quick. Yesterday morning, I wore a hippie skirt with a shirt that goes over a camisole with a big cowl, the kind thats large enough for you to stretch over your head should you want to do that.

It was nothing super special, just comfy clothes. But yesterday morning, for some reason, I decided to stretch the cowl of the blue shirt to go under my bosom, in an effort to make the top look something like this. Needless to say, it didnt achieve the goal. But stubborn, and I think a bit depressed (blame it on the rain), I went to show J. This was our conversation:

C: Does this look ridiculous?
J: A bit. Looks like your trying to bring all the focus on your breasts.
C: Well, what if I am? I have a nice pair.
J: Your not JUST boobs, Cyn.
C: What if I want to be? If people focus only on this (gestures at bosom), then they wont notice any of this (gestures at face, stomach and general body).
J: Your so much more than just boobs. Your intelligence, your beauty, your eyes, why would you want to take away from all that just to put it on something like boobs?

At which point I started to cry and then he put his arms around me and hugged me. I dont think he understood what he had just said to me. I know I mumbled something along the lines of: I hate you, why do you sometimes say the worst things at the worst moment and then come out with shit like this at the most random times. Men..

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