Thursday, January 23, 2014

I refuse

I refuse to let others dictate to me how I should feel about myself.

I refuse to live in fear of rejection.

I refuse to sit and wait for he world to change for me.

I refuse to let my own personal laziness and procrastination get the best of me over and over again.

I refuse to let hate take over my heart and my soul.

I refuse to force others into the box that my consciousness has created in order for me to feel comfortable with myself and the world.

I refuse to become complacent and stop trying to always better myself in every aspect of my life.

I refuse to hesitate to be honest because of fear of conflict.

I refuse to think that I am a monster because of my facial hair problem, something I have done everything I can possibly do to fix, something that will most likely never get better.

I refuse to be scared to be myself.

I refuse to choose anything else than love.

I refuse to feed trash to my body, and then speak trash to my soul.

I refuse to let my dreams fade away because of hesitation, fear, or any negative association.

I refuse to refuse myself the healing that I need, and that I deserve.

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