Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm a Winner!

For the first time in my life I have won something (not including all the msuhy things that I have won like a peaceful life and a new found faith). I actually won a portrait photo session from Alana Richelle ( who just happens to be a most wonderful photographer who takes the most beautiful shots! The first thing I did when I learned that I was the winner was go THANK YOU LORD.. then I actually thought what the heck am I going to do with this? But the answer came as soon as I had formulated the question. What better way to share my happiness than with my family? I am going to have a family photo shoot with my mother, step-father, little sister, and my dog. I am so very excited about this! We have been going through a pretty stressful time and this just comes as a blessing to us, especially since we were talking the other day about getting family pictures done, but money being pretty tight, it was a topic that was dropped. I am so happy that I am able to share my gift with them, and in turn give us all a ray of sunshine in our lives. Thank you Alana for making this possible!

On another note, I finally decided on my Christmas gifts for friends this year! You see, every year I make some sort of homemade goodie to hand out (much more budget friendly than buying stuff, and in my opinion, just better than anything out there) I make a different goodie each year, and I was wondering what I could possibly do this year, when one of my friends posted this awesome idea on my wall - Pie in a Jar! I am quite excited to make this! Basically, you line the mason jar with dough, them fill it with the pie filling of your choice, actually bake it right in the jar in the oven, and voila! Just add a pre-baked top piece of pie dough in an attractive shape on the top and it looks awesome! Now I just have to decide on what pie fillings to make! Im thinking blueberry, cherry, and apple..

How cool does this look? Bake the top as something Christmas-y (tree, star etc), and add a Christmas fabric to the top of the jar before tying it closed, and there's an awesome present!

Here is the link for anyone that would be interested


  1. Wow! Pie in a jar?? How do you eat it?? I am also toying with ideas. I will be baking for aunts and uncles this year, also for budget reasons. I was thinking biscotti. But this is very interesting!

  2. I was also thinking about an overload of pie filling, but the jars are actually small, so it would just about the size of a slice, just round rather than triangular! Im thinking its super cute plus I have alot of frozen fruit and apples, so my pie filling is already at hand, I just have to make it!