Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrapbooking and me = L-O-V-E

Life has been so hectic in the last month or so. Mid-term and a couple of intense projects due at school with testing for report cards, new philosophies of teaching being introduced at work, and the addition of a class of Yoga with my mother on Monday nights makes for a very burnt-out Cynthia. I have had literally zero time for personal projects, and things like socializing has taken a back burner role. This week is the last big stretch for work, with two 12 hour shifts on Wednesday and Thursday, but then its the start of the March Break. Thank God.

But enough commiserating, as it is evidence of this blog entry I actually found a few spare hours to do something I actually wanted to do for once. Was it catching up with my long-overdue personal reading, sewing a few shirts/coat buttons/zippers, or doing household chores? Guess again! I sat down and re-organized my scrapbooking tower shelving container thing.

Funny how my brain works, sometimes. I had recently (maybe three months ago) bought a few new things for scrapbooking which had been on sale, and hadn’t the time to store them properly, so I just stuck them in the first drawer assuming I would just go back to it soon enough. Since then, I’ve been given a few sticker sheets, some cardstock and other tools from people and did the same thing as with the first batch. Long story short, my cabinet was all over the place, but understandingly, it came very low on my inner to-do list. Or so I mistakenly thought, since the first thing I did with my free time was re-organize it lovingly into appropriate slots. Hey, don’t judge me because I love to organize things. When I move into a bigger space and can have all my library shelves, I also intend to separate my books into genres and make a list of the books I have for lending purposes.

But back to scrapbooking, rifling through everything gives me a chance to see what it is I have, and what it is I need. I have the adhesive drawer, non adhesive embellishments drawer, tools drawer, paper/cardstock drawer and ribbon drawer. Seeing everything made me realize two things...

1. I have a lot of things. I started a few years ago to collect all manner of scrapbooking things. Usually right after a major holiday/event/season, stickers and embellishments that are representative of that time period go on sale. For example, camping gear stickers tend to be .50$ rather than 3.50$ a pop during winter. Also, people have been donating things to me, and I have been lucky enough to get craft scraps from my work because the classroom teacher is the exact opposite of a pack rat. I’ve had a vague idea of what I had, but after tonight, I know I don’t need to buy anything unless I start a new scrapbooking project and use up all my stuff. Donations still accepted, though. Just saying ;D

2. I love to scrapbook, and am in my humble opinion, pretty darn good at it. Especially considering I never took any classes (which I will do) but based my pages on what looked good to my eye. I could do this as a side job, making scrapbooks for people, and I think it would be a successful endeavour, to a certain point. But then again, I only made two full size (30+ pgs) albums, maybe my love affair with them has made me blind to its defaults, so who knows?

Now if only I had the time to actually scrapbook again...

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