Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Small Successes

I've been following this website for awhile, and they posted an entry called Three Small Successes, which had me thinking. The sense of failure and general desire to just give up or give in is constant. In me anyways. Why is that? Is it because I was predisposed with negativity (which I most certainly hide away from everyone I can)? Am I that lazy that wanting to give up is coming almost naturally? Or is it because the goals I set for myself are high, long-term, and I don't take the time to aknowledge what I do in a million little ways to help myself reach those goals? Like finishing school? Like reaching my health weight? Like getting married and owning a home in the shape of a house and having babies?

So I decided to try it out. What the blog suggested, that is. It states that every Thursday the author posts an entry with at least three small successes that she has accomplished in her day. She urges her readers to do the same, and she just posted the 100th 3 Small Successes post, which means she has kept this up for almost two years. I can't guarantee that I will keep this up for every Thursday, but hopefully this will put me in a more positive and appreciative mind frame! Here goes!

1. I signed up for Yoga. With my mother, which means that I cannot ever skip, or she will come get me no matter where I am and in what state I am in.

2. Instead of moaning and groaning for today's Winter Carnival with the kids, I let go of everything that was on my mind and opressing me, and had fun. I built freaking epic snow castles!

3. Even though I am sick and snuffly and feeling awful, I made supper without grumbling and even made cinnamon rolls for Jeff. I deserve two high fives AT LEAST for that!

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  1. You get like ten high fives. I'm trying to catch up on your blogs but am totally Nyquilled up. It's so easy to be down on yourself.. I like this 3 accomplishment things... perhaps I can think of 3 reasons I'm awesome on Thursday instead of beating myself up. I LOVE YOU BTW.