Monday, July 25, 2011

So, what's up?

I love my new job. Its the first time I get to work with the real little ones, between 4 months (SO TINY) and 4 years old. There is that feeling I get, when I'm rocking the babies while they are feeding, and they are staring straight into my eyes, that I'm at exactly the right spot at the right time in my life. The absolute trust that they give me is humbling. One of my little guys would startle awake from a nightmare and whimpers until I rock him. He then lays his sleepy head over my heart in absolute confidence that I am a good person, and the next best thing after his mother. What a blessing to be the object of such love, trust, and confidence!

Other than that, I've caught up on some sewing, and finished two paintings that have been lying around for, literally, years. I've yet to get cracking on my quilt slash sewing machine, so that is most definitely on my to-do list!

I think my conversation with my mom about canning struck a nerve, because she announced to me that in the fall, I had a date with my grandmother and herself to make some beets and fruit ketchup. I am so excited! Bonding time + family traditions and canning secret being passed down? SCORE!

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