Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 things I have learnt about canning

1.       Heating my pot for the hot water bath treatment takes a long time. I will now always start off by turning on the heat even before I have all my things prepared.

2.       That *POP* sound is so rewarding.

3.       Make the dill mixture for pickling (and get all pickling done) prior to jams and other things. The smell of dill stays on you otherwise, and being told you smell like a pickle is not the most flattering of things.

4.       Always treat extra cans just in case. Also always have different sizes available or you will be stuck putting a quarter cup of blueberry jam in a litre jar. But you can always just use it with yoghurt or ice cream as a reward for all that hard work J

5.       Put the cans on the rack and then insert in the water. Duh. Also ouch.

6.       You could can just about everything, so its easy to get carried away (and forget just how little storage you truly have)

7.       Peas, corn, and lima beans expand rather than shrink in the heating process. That wasn't a pretty sight.

8.       You don’t have to process jam, you just have to turn it upside down. Beautiful.
9.    You need to literally stuff peppers until they are so crammed that you cannot possibly shove another piece in or else they will shrink and make you look like a newb with all that extra space.
10.   Canning is extremely addictive. So be warned. Now Im off to make some peach pie filling...

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  1. I am thinking seriously of buying a pressure canner. Do you have any recommendations or shopping tips?