Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I had a productive day

I baked and cleaned and organized. Finished two letters that I had been meaning to get to for a looong time. I did some more wedding things, and stored about half our collection of movies to make room for our couch. Read and made tea. Researched the benefits of honey and how to incorporate this wonderful substance into more of my cooking/baking. And finally, I purchased some (very discounted) seeds for next year, mason jars which were on (super) special, and am planning my canning/pickling adventures.

I am sure that I am once again over-eager and am 'planning' to do much more than I will be able to get done, but that's just the way I roll. Starting this weekend, Les MarchĂ©s Roussillon ChampĂȘtre is happening in Chateauguay, which is perfect timing for getting fresh and local fruits and vegetables for my canning time. And not to mention much cheaper than grocery stores, with question marks as to where the food came from and what happened to it.

So along with the fruit ketchup and the beets I will be doing with my mother and grandmother in a few weeks, I want to pickle cucumbers, onions, and peppers, can some garden salsa, tomato sauce, jams of varied types, and a couple of pie fillings.

I have no idea where I will store all of this, but I will find room and/or donate what I can't store. Perfect gifts!

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