Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to make an (extremely) cost effective decoration with a 2 year old

Step One: Collect pinecones. For one tree, I had enough pinecones to last me through 20 Christmas.

Step Two: Get those kids painting. God knows how much they love to get paint everywhere but where they are supposed to, however, if you use water color paint, its so easy to wash you wont even mind.

Step Three: Drop that wet pinecone in a brown paper bag that has some sparkles of whatever color (s) their little heart desires. That usually ends up being all the colors that are available. Wouldn`t want to miss out on any color or it might ruing the whole thing.

Step Four: Get those kiddies to shake rattle and roll that (closed) paper bag. Man do they ever love this part.

Step Five: Tie a ribbon around it and TADA! Instant beautiful, kid-friendly, kid-made tree (or anything) decoration. Your guests will greatly admire and possibly even lust after these unique twinkle-cones.

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