Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So much is happening right now! My life is changing it and Im loving it!

We have reworked our budget and it is quite wonderful the amount that we can now put into savings. Seeing that nest egg grow just gives me a boost every time! One of my favorite financial speakers, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, largely promotes the use of cash in jars as a way to keep track of the money and to really physically see the $ that each category takes. At first, I was like pff whatever, I am not 5 years old, I do not need to see things to know its there. Then we decided to try it, and it just worked out beautifully. Every penny is where it should be and we are not constantly thinking about what needs to be paid when and with what because its right there in our faces. Which I love. I guess I am 5 when it comes to $!

We have found the perfect appartment. We initially met up at the bank for a financial meeting concerning buying a house, but it kind of freaked me out. I didnt want to go into house buying because I wanted a nice big cash down deposit, as in 25% of the house, around the 150-200, 000$ landmark (my actual dream is to buy a house with cash, no debt, but I dont see that happening in the next year lol). We were not there yet, and I just had a bad feeling about it. The advisor basically told us that getting a loan would be tough because of our recent job switches, and our salaries weren't high enough to make up for the short lenght of time we were working there, so we would have had to have someone sign for us, which was x-nay in my books. So we searched for an appartment and found a beautiful one with a LARGE KITCHEN and a backyard for our puppies, but the only problem was that we were not the only ones who wanted this place. About 15 other people put forward their interest for it, and I dont know how we managed, surely only by the grace of God, but we were the ones who got it! SO EXCITED FOR THIS! After two years of living in a one room appartment, its time for some change, methinks. We'll be moving in next week, but we still need to find a sub-leaser for here, so prayers for us would be a blessing!

Along with the new place, I now have my own backyard to plan a garden and a frontyard to beautify with flowers! Planning a garden makes me so happy <3

Along with the change, we have both felt the need to grow our family and have set our deadline to one year. We are going to continue with our NFP and what happens will happen, but if it hasn't in one year, then we are going to try deliberately to have a child! I hope and pray that the year passes quickly, because after spending all day taking care of other people's kids, I really yearn for a child in my arms!

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  1. I cannot possibly sum up how Excited I am about this. I can't even explain why. In words it would be "EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Do you love the show Til Debt Do Us Part? I watch this show repeatedly. I didn't try the jars- like you, I kind of thought PFT I don't need that!!!

    But this move has kind of been a bit hectic and I see how easy it is to rack up C/C so maybe we will try the jar thing.

    I'm pretty good with getting creative and not much of a "lets go here and here" kind of person, it's just the general spending. I'd like to save up for our big move, our wedding, etc. But right now it feels like we are three steps behind.

    I am so excited about your move and all of your progress! All of your personal growth! And you will make the best mom and have the cutest bebe's. :D

    Jetm T1