Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday GJE

Usually, I would post a list from my gratitude journal, but today I felt like I would go more into detail of the one thing that I am most grateful for. And that would be my husband.

I am so grateful for him. For how we work (and sometimes DONT work) together. I am grateful that he loves me enough to take me to the hospital at 1:00am when he works at 6:00am the next day. I am grateful that he does everything he possibly can to make me feel better when I am sick (like making me a hot water bottle, bundling me up in blankets, and even force feeding me that awful tasting thing called Buckley's). I am grateful for the times he optimistically answers 'I will make oatmeal!' when I tell him its his turn to make supper. Im grateful for the way he grumbles and frowns when he doesn't get enough PS3 time. I am grateful for the fact that he will now try almost anything I make (and for the man who didnt eat anything but hot-dogs and bacon lasagna 5 years ago, this is saying alot). I am grateful for the way he reluctantly lets me turn off his game so he can come to bed and turn off that darn TV so I can get to sleep. I am grateful for when he read my Bible to me when I was dying of sickness. I am grateful for the way he lets me kiss him even though I am probably super contagious, and a kiss equals the spread of germs.

Jeff, if your reading this (and I know you will) I am so grateful for all the things you do (good and bad), all the things you are (good and bad), and I love you. On second thought, I dont love the way you make me take Buckey's, so.. don't do that again. <3

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