Monday, July 29, 2013

Above us, only sky

So, after literally not sleeping a wink during the night, I arose this morning to get to work for my regular 6-2 shift. Feeling exhausted and unsure how I would even get through the day, I drove off in the false night to do my best. Get to work, look at my schedule and realize that it was shifted on me, during my sick leave. I didn't work Mondays, and when I did work, it was from 8-4, traffic hours. Feeling like this pretty much was just one of those bad days where everything went wrong, I drove home to the sun slowly rising. Got into town, and decided to act on an impulse.

I have this spot, where after sleepless nights where I feel fucked up or psychotic, suicidal or depressed, I decide to collect my soul and pray. No, its not in a church, or anywhere near any religious spots. But I call this my secret spot, even though its open and used by the public. Its just no one shows up as early as I do. Its where I go after a dark night to remind me that there is still beauty in the world worth living to see. That the world is not all shit, despite what weve done to it. That there are places still where God's natural handiwork is still allowed to thrive and heal us, like it was meant to.

Lilypads and reed grass. You could clearly hear the bullfrog's clarion but the little buggers were well hidden.


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Morning dew was still quite present.

Secret little meadow.

Just before sunrise.

And then the light.

Wildflowers everywhere.

Wild apple tree, most probably crab apple, although the apples seemed a bit too large.

Morning glory, aptly named.

Road to nowhere and everywhere. Road to peace?

Le feuillage de nos arbres changent deja de couleur!

This little guy had an amazing clarion call.

Above us only skies.

Wake up sleepy head!

Tip of my toes

And this little guy sounded like a dying cat.

Although completely inedible, these berries are so beautiful.

Looks like ripening grapes.

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