Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Death of my little garden

My landlord sprayed the apartment building against ants and spiders, without telling us. So my herbs and tomato plants were drenched. Apart from spraying being the stupidest, most short-sighted thing to do, it completely destroyed my edibles. You could see the change in the herbs within 24 hours. After having a talk with the pesticide company, they've told me that although it is not technically lethal, it would not be wise to consume the product. No shit. Talked to the landlady, it was set up by her brother and she didn't know about it, but maybe I should have planted flowers instead of edibles, that way there wouldn't have been a problem. It took all the self-restraint I had not to throw a brick through her window with a packet of seeds. So RIP my little beautiful garden, you nourished me and mine and brought me joy and peace.

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