Friday, May 13, 2011

No time

means no blogging :( Stage is ridiculously hard and time-consuming. And I'm not talking about the actual work, since I am lucky enough to be doing stage at the place that I work at. No, its the assignments and papers that are draining. Ooof.. only 6 more weeks, last push!

But a quick update is in order:

As for the wedding, Jeff and I had previously chosen September as our month, but we are presently debating between May and September. September for the beautiful colors of fall (and apples are in season) and May because many flowers are blooming and the weather (when cooperating) is perfect. Hmm...

One of my favorite sites, Passionate Homemaker, just posted about home birthing, which is definetly something that I have talked about and researched.

Many of my seedlings did not survive, unfortunately. But, I learnt which needed water and sun more than others! The survivors are green beans, strawberry, and carrots. I am trying again with radishes and zucchinis, which have a fast germination and transplant time. I also planted eggplant, but that is my 'iffiest' planting since it takes a long time and the perfect conditions. But we shall see!

I also made some flower arrangements for my 'coco' bowl (a hanging flower bowl made of coconut hairs), mainly shade loving flowers, for the space in between my door and our next door neighbour. My mother also bought us a arrangement placed right in front of our window, where the wall of the building and the wall that separates the ground and our stairs meet. I anticipate seeing the flowers growing droop down over the sides. Its quite colorful!

And last but not least, this Sunday is MY LAST SUNDAY CLASS! Hopefully, forever. Definitely the highlight of the month.

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