Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sneaky Poison

I have decided to drop my blog. I dont mean indefintely, in any sense of the term. I like being able to share too much, and I especially love reading all these amazing posts people put up. I have learnt so much just by having a blog!. But what's also ridiculous, is the amount of time I spend on this thing. I have so many interesting blogs to keep up with, that I can easily settle down for a quick post and end up two hours letter with nothing posted and still 3 more things to read.

But my dilemna is this: I still want to read about all the wonderful things people post about, but I want to dramatically lessen my internet time (which I could use doing any. of the projects I blog about). So I think that my solution would be to come on for a limited time on a schedule, say once a week or two, for an hour, wether to blog or to read blogs. Ive also started a writing journal (by hand) where I jot down anything and everything, and I am really enjoying physically writing vs typing. Maybe I will type them up for posts. We`ll see!

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