Friday, June 24, 2011

Amazing rebound

A few days ago, I received some news which really angered and distressed me. It seems trivial, but my father's brother told me he and his family would not be able to come to the ceremony and most probably be late to the reception as well because my cousin would be graduating. Of course, being true to myself, I replied the proper words, said it didnt matter, etc. and inside I was seething.

Of course I 'understood', his daughter was graduating from high school and he wants to be there for that. But it didnt take away from the fact my father's only brother would not be, essentially, at my wedding. In a twisted way, it felt like my father would not be there, even though I am not close with my uncle, and he is nothing at all like my father. So alot of hurt and tears followed the next few days after that.

But then, with more time, thought, and prayer, I realized what a selfish reaction that was. In fact, although I had every right to be disappointing, my negative reaction was really just because I was dealing with my father not being with me on my wedding day. Of course my uncle and his family would want to go see their only daughter receive her high school diploma, who was I to think that they would miss this once-in-a-lifetime event? They will come when they can, and I should be grateful, not angry!

This epiphany of sorts came around yesterday or so, and today, I got an email from my half-sister's mother. She stated that she would be coming down to Montreal, and since she takes care of my only niece Cailey, she would be coming down with her! I will be meeting my only niece for the first (and perhaps only) time in her/my life, and I am so excited! I would never had thought that this would have happened, I dont even know if she knows who I am! I feel like this was a test, and I passed, and here is my reward! God works in mysterious ways, for real!

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