Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since I am getting married in the chapel on Ile St-Bernard, in the D'Youville Manor, I have especially directed my prayers and thoughts lately to Saint Marguerite D'Youville. And ftom what I understand, her feast day is the day after our wedding. :) So I am trying to learn more about her, and I found this cute prayer online and wanted to share:

St. Marguerite d'Youville,
During your lifetime,

you opened your heart and home
to every type of human misery.

Listen now to my prayer of petition.
I count on you to plead with the God of Love
to grant the favor I seek with confidence and trust.

Gift us as you were gifted;
with ever deepening faith,
with firm hope and trust.
Let my life be for all a service of love.

Mother of Universal Charity,
your love for the poor
made the impossible possible.
Please make haste to help me.
Im also looking for any prayers directed to the Blessed Virgin for marriage, raising a family in Christ, and homemaking, if anyone has any to share! BTW, silly Blogger isnt letting me comment or reply to anything, for some reason...

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