Sunday, June 19, 2011

A whole bunch of stuff

This is what I did Monday night:

Pretty boss, right?

I've been enjoying my written experiment, and completely confirmed my theory that when you write something by hand, it takes more time and linguistic precision, which therefore makes it mean more. I remember I used to write poetry on a regular basis back in my late teens. Granted I was going through a pretty dark and depressive time which was excellent fodder for poetry, but nevertheless, I still wrote. I tried to write a poem yesterday. Absolutely nothing came out, complete stall. Hmm.. does being generally chemically and emotionally well-balanced mean that you don't have the creative juices to write a poignant poem? Maybe its the pages of thoughts and words upon words that became a long, book-like poem which noone would have any inclination whatsoever to read...

Despite my (unintentional) neglect, my plants are thriving, and I have seen even my eggplant shoot up. Bunch o' hardy little things, arent they? My exotic plant which I just couldn't identify died though. I dont think I had the right environment for it at all, so Im quite surprised it lived so long!

Wedding update, the date has been drastically moved forward to October 15th of this year. No I am not pregnant, which is reaqlly frustrating to have so many people ask me that. The first couple were funny, now its just getting ridiculous. People either a) didn't listen to  believe a word I said about keeping chaste till my wedding, and/or b) have this hypocritical notion of women being traditional enough to quickly get married before they give birth (to what end??), yet completely disregard the notion of virginity (this generation's new f-word) and abstinence prior to getting married. Now I've been trying to keep my swearing to a minimum, but I believe this deserves a WTF???

My hubby-to-be loves me, so he bought me this. <3 Ooooooh baby!! I already made him a skillet sized cookie to thank him, and tomorrow I will be making a blueberry and lemon skillet cake. I am so excited!

I have just started my summer break, and the days have gone by so fast! It is absolutely wonderful to be able to clean (did I just say that) and organize! I want to catch up on my meal plan, which had severely fallen behind, and return my small household to the level that it was before. Sad to say, in this last month rush, I had let things slide (like not recycling things when I should have, buying bread rather than making it, buying non-organic body products because I didnt have time to make/search for the right things, etc) Argh. But I will have victory!

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  1. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh cast iron!!! He's a keeper, Cynthia!! A little bit jealous!
    And YAY for moving up the wedding! So much better! Saner! Haha! Did you get my letter? I don't know what Canada Post is or isn't delivering these days! xoxo