Thursday, November 17, 2011


People go to work to be able to afford things. Their entire lives revolve around these things, they are consumed by the need to consume. Big cars, big tvs, big kitchens and big houses. People work so that they don`t have to make things for themselves, fend for themselves, and definetly not cook for themselves. When was the last time an average modern family had bread made by themselves, rather than store-bought with unpronouncable ingredients in a list that should be as simple as FLOUR, OIL, SUGAR, SALT, WATER, YEAST. People don`t make food anymore, they prefer to buy 5 minute MCD meals and eat them in their cars to save time for.. nothing because their children are zoned out in front of tvs by 6:00pm and parents are wiped out by the stress of keeping this lifestyle that drains them of their lives, their relationship with their spouses, and their relationship with their offspring. But are 'happy' because of their big cars, big tvs, and big houses.

Women are returning to work earlier and earlier after having babies, leaving 2 month olds in the care of complete strangers, drinking man-made powder rather than nutritious breastmilk because they have to go work for a million different reasons. Families are leaving the care of the greatest treasures they will ever have to afore-mentioned strangers for the majority of their day to ensure, amongst other things, that those children will have the newest and shiniest gadget available. The biggest travesty, the worst thing, is to see those kids coming into daycare at 7:00am, and leaving at 6:00pm. They are so hungry for parental love and affection, making sure they have a drawing for mommy, or a statue for daddy. Then their parents come to pick them up, tired and stressed from their day and traffic, and they have nothing left to give. All they can think of is getting home, putting some sort of food on the table, cleaning up, cleaning the kids, putting them to bed, and passing out. And the cycle is repeated for 5 days out of 7, sometimes more. Those kids are so starved for something their parents cant give them, and its heartbreaking to watch.

And this is how Im supposed to raise my kids? This is what society tells me is the normal and average thing to do, and that I am the one who is weird and abnormal for considering staying at home, raising and home-schooling my children rather then entrusting something that should naturally be my job to other people?  Well, society, in simple terms, you can shove that where the sun don`t shine.

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  1. High-five sister!

    The thing that I think would "get" me though is once they're (hypothetical children) were old enough to continue further studies in school.. or left home... or for some reason they didn't occupy me 24/7... I'd be like well. Heh.

    And part of me thinks I'd want to work at least a few days a work, or volunteer- to get out of the house.

    But I think it's a cool thing you're thinking about.

    Can I be the substitute teacher that teaches... uhh... things about.. stuff?