Friday, November 4, 2011

Introducing NomNom Goodies

If you know me, you know that I love to make food. All types of food. I sarted to experiment with making jams of all kinds maybe three years ago. I get so inspired by the bounty of God's green earth, the endless combination of this fruit with that herb, or these berries with that spice. Color, texture, and of course taste can be affected by so many tiny changes in measuring, there really are no limits to what one can make. So I ended up making many, many types of jams, some complete disasters, and others coming out delicious. But it was only at the beginning of this year when a friend of mine said 'Why don't you open your own store of jams?' that really put the wheels in motion.

I knew right away that I liked this idea. I had always given away my jams freely, making them my favorite hostess gift, Christmas gift, or simply 'Im thinking of you gift'. But to spread a little bit of my homemade love around to people that I didnt know? Very interesting. Of course, I knew that I couldnt open an actual store, after some reflection I really felt this was not the time or place for me to have a business. So the next best thing is, of course, having an online store! That's when I found out what Etsy was.

Etsy is, simply speaking, a website where artisans of all trades come to sell their handmade wares. From carved wood, to knitted booties, to art, there is something for everyone. And this is where I started to build my own little 'company'.

Introducing NomNom Goodies!! And we even have our own Facebook page! I sell jams, marmelades, and preserves (all homemade in small batches, of course). And best of all? Every single ingredient I use in my jams, be it the berries/fruits/wines/sugar or spices are guaranteed organic. I do not believe in eating or serving chemical filled foods in my household, so it is only natural that I also take this step with the things that I sell. We currently have nine different items available: two fruit butters (spiced apple butter, spiced pumpkin butter), one marmelade (cara cara/strawberry/rosemary), and 6 jams (sparkling berry, blushing peach, apple plum, blueberry mint, pear honey sage, and pineapple coconut vanilla).

The next step that I want to take with the store is using exclusively local ingredients, which will mean changes in the products that I carry, but I believe that this would be something worth the adjustment!

Wish me luck!

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