Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Im in the spirit of the new

So keeping up with trying to get a fresh start, I gave a technical face lift to my blog!

On the right, I have permanent link-ups to NomNom Goodies, to the Leek Geeks, and to my Pinterest.

I reined in all my labelling and confined them to about 15. Much easier to classif everything I write about if they dont have all their seperate labels!

I also want to give myself a schedule. Or attempt to at any case. I already use Wordless Wednesday (I would like them to be images that I have taken, as much as possible), and Sunday GJE (gratitude journal entry). I want to bring back Thursday's Three Small Successes, and also keep up with poetry entries once every week or two. All these things I love to write, read, and most of all express myself with.

I honestly see myself using this blog much more than Facebook, especially in the future. I dont think I would ever delete Facebook (for the communication opportunities with my sisters, and business wise as well), but I like the idea of having this place where I control all input and output, can express my ideas and thoughts and developing philosophy without barriers, and really just diminish the drama that inevitably comes with free speech.

To freedom of expression and a brand new start!

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  1. Yay, love the new look! I also love the quote from John 4 above <3 <3