Thursday, April 5, 2012


Finally moved in and settled! We are constantly surprised at the amount of space we have, and I honestly hope I never become jaded at this, and think we need yet more (unless of course we start our family). Its so wonderful to have something as simple as a door closing bring you joy and a happy thought. Ive been walking through our rooms just so I can close the door behind me and later burst out of it to jump on Jeff saying how I havent seen him in so long LOL! It just feels good, liberating, cleansing even to get out of that tiny space into something we can truly breathe in and just live. I want to clean, I want to keep it organized, and I want to do so many things with this space. I think that it is truly important to live somewhere where you can envision change and never to lose the want of being present.

I also feel like Im learning about myself by seeing what I want to do with the space that I have, the colors I want, the decorations and beautifying I want to make, and especially what I dont want. I have a theme and color scheme for every room, and envision it becoming beautiful in my eyes. This may happen in the next month or in the next year, who cares? As long I see it.

My bathroom will be have blues and the ocean as its scheme (funny how I originally thought that was so qu├ętaine, and truly it is), my bedroom will be bright with green, yellow, and blues (almost spring-y). My living room will be warm with a mixture of dark furniture, yellows, oranges, and beige. Plants everywhere. A wall of frames filled with people that we love and bring joy to our lives. My library/study will be a soft shade of eggshell, and it will be cozy. And my art room will have everything and nothing in it, all colors and none, if that makes sense. My backyard will be filled with flowers and a herb bed (the soil is not good for planting edibles, so I will have a plot at the community garden up the street again this year). And best of all? My kitchen. My beautiful kitchen where I can finally move. My last one literally measured my arm span in its entirety. My new one has windows for light and brightness. And an abundance of space. I can walk and turn around and even run if I wanted to. It makes me want to bake and cook and experiment and can even more. I love my home.

Throughout all this space, there is a reccurent color, though it is not a color at all. White is everywhere. White is clean and bright and pure. White is new.White makes colors bounce and liven up. And most of all, white makes the dark just a tad bit better, and emulates light when there is none.

As soon as it is unpacked a little more, I will post pictures!

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  1. The funniest thing is that I totally understand exactly how you feel! Even though your place is bigger- we both lived in dinky apartments and moved to bigger places. I feel like I live in the giantest place ever. Or would if I had a washer and dryer.

    I love this post! I love the colour schemes you are imagining. I love Spring and Spring colours. :D lmao I think we both are on the same path colour wise.

    Can't wait to see the new place!