Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 1-3 of a Soda Free Life

The soda issue is a non-issue. I don't feel any cravings, but this was more for hubby than myself. I havent had any sugar crash, any inexplicable anger or mood swings, which Ive heard comes after soda withdrawal (like a friggin drug). So far, so good.

I took a trip to the grocery store (by that I mean I walked, and I feel very proud of myself for that) and had a panier full of freshness that I dont usually buy. I had dragonfruit (which I LOVE and have maybe once or twice a year considering how far it came for me to enjoy it), papaya (same as above), an eggplant, and yellow zucchinis (Ive only ever had green, Im assuming it will taste the same or about). Rewarding myself with chocolate treats and other not so good for you stuff was pretty much my norm before, but if Im going to feel good and enjoy a treat, it might as well come in the form of luscious fruits. As for the eggplant and zucchini, I was in an adventurous mood. Apparently, me being Greek and never have eaten eggplant is practically blasphemy, so why not? I looked up a couple of ways to serve it and tried it out. One was just to cube the eggplant, pan sear with a bit of o.o. with spices, and the other way was to mandoline the heck out of it, spice it up and bake them, making healthy eggplant chips. Didnt like any of it, but from what I can see, eggplant has little or no taste by itself, so maybe I just didnt find the way to prepare it properly. I havent done anything with the yellow zucchinis yet. We have a stir-fry coming up, so maybe toss em in!

There`s something else that I finally admitted outloud to myself yesterday, though I hesitate to post it here because I know judgement is sure to come from most anybody who reads this. I use maryjane much too often, and as a consequence, Ive put on weight because of my increased appetite. I used to just do it socially, but for the last few months its every couple of days with or without people. Always at night, when Im done work and have no social obligations of any kind, but thats also when I make and eat supper. If Im to succeed, this needs to stop. I just dont know if I can, Ive come to rely on it for stress relief and pain control. Before, my answer used to be yoga and meditation for stress relief and medication for pain control. I obviously should switch back to my habits as far as stress relief, but I dont want to pop pills again for pain control, so I dont know what to do for that. I guess everything will work itself out!

Pray/think/send positive thoughts for me! :)


  1. Hmm, I think these things are really one step at a time - don't try to do too much! Make sure you have tons of veggies and stuff like that to snack on when you have MJ. If you crave spicy things, make a spicy, salty egg salad to have ready before you toke up. If you crave sweet, have some mildly sweet popsicles around, or premeasure one handful of dates, or something like that. Set up your circumstances so you won't be able to binge on bad things. Just don't have them! Have huge salads ready instead!

    1. Thanks Amy, Im going to try that out, I can totally see the whole salad binge working, too.

  2. No judgment, I'm in this with you! In my perspective, had I grown it myself (obv not) I would feel that a plant/herb as a pain relief/stress relief is a hell of a lot better for me than all of the crap I take... which depresses me to think about.

    My body is a toxic dump. How about after we quit the soda and start eating healthier, we work on exercise/yoga/meditation together. And you agree to try to quit/cut down on Mary Jane and I'll agree to stop taking so many pills.

    And I'll actually list them out. Which I'm terrified to do because I've come to rely on Tylenol, Allergy pills and more as a bit of a sedative as well as pain reliever and sleep-aid.

    It's a crutch. One that got more intense since I stopped drinking. Which was obviously a problem for a while.

    I'm sure that together we can do this! Strength in numbers! I also like Amy's solutions too so I'm going to take that into consideration.