Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peace part 1

Completely unexpectedly, we came across St Anne De Beaupre church on our way to Iles-Aux-Coudres, and of course, I requested a stop as soon as I figured out what it was I was so awed by. Something miraculous happened within this church, something which changed my life. But for just a little while longer, I wish to keep this in my heart, between me and God.

So I will instead share some pictures of what has to be the most beautiful church I have ever seen, and I apologize for the quality, but no matter how expensive my camera could have been, it could never have truly reproduced the beauty, calm, and love this place seemed to radiate. Truly, I could have spent my life inside, contemplating.

In honor of Mary

The Holy Family, definetly my favorite alcove.

When you walk in, the mosaics are stunning!

This is where all the lighted candles come to burn out.

St Francois D'Assise, one of the first saints I ever heard about

St Anne with Jesus

The other half of the room where candles burn out. There are benches for contemplation,
but the heat from the candles is staggering!

Gated gold frescoe.

There were mosaics everywhere, and at the entrence, each astrological sign.

Beautiful and intricately detailed carving above the door, I believe this is
Mary Queen of Heaven, but I could be wrong.

Very tall arches with gold statue.

Beautiful fountain at the front. If I had known we would have seen the church I would have
dressed more appropriately to pray, but what can I do?

St Anne and Child at the top of the fountain.

church and front grounds

Holy Family with the top mosaic. Again, favorite.

St Jean Baptiste

Hundreds of burning candles in the candle room

Read more here to know the who what where of St Anne de Beaupre Basilica

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    Tony and I got to visit in 2008, on our way back from the Eucharistic Congress with our group from the Newman Centre. It is really stunning, isn't it?