Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cooking with Cookbooks

I mentioned in earlier posts that I almost never follow recipes that are written, and will rather go off in my own way and transform the recipes, all depending on my mood and on what I have on hand. The problem with that is that most of my recipes (the ones that I make often for supper and the such) are in my head, I haven't written them down anywhere and when family and friends ask me how to do a certain recipe, Im a little cut short. I would much rather show them then give them a list of quantities and the order in which to mix them. So is it so weird that I have been thinking of writing a cookbook?
For one of my closest friends, I had the idea to make her a cookbook from all my tried-and-true recipes, and she gave me great feedback on it, which leads me to think this is not so crazy an idea. Now dont get me wrong, I have in no way the culinary skills that most of the cookbook authors have. I have never been to cooking/baking school (a dream of mine) or even attended a workshop. I learned from my family, from watching shows on youtube and on the Food Network, and read articles. But who am I to believe I would be good enough to write up a cookbook?

Well for one, I love to make food. Not only to make food, but I love to entertain people with my food (aka having friends over for supper) and I leanrned what I do know because of my passion. No, I dont have any special techniques or special tools (that come with ridiculous price tags) or special skills. But what I do have is my love of food, and my love of sharing what I know. I would think that combined with a few more years of experience and expanding my repertoire would be enough to validate my wish to write an actual book containing my knowledge and showing that you don't need to go to any fancy school or own expensive ingredients, or use tools you have no idea what to do with.

So I do think that I will add writing a cookbook on my bucket list. If I had one that is. :D

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