Monday, December 6, 2010

If I sing while I bake, my food will be happy

So pie-in-a-jar was a great idea, and one I will put in ym back pocket for future references, however, even homemade gifts can be costly, and I just didn't have the budget to buy the jars, fabric, and fresh ingredients for the pie filling (especially out of season, ouch!). So I have had to re-think my Christmas present, and my very first consideration was what did I already have in my cupboards.

I am pretty stocked in various ingredients (where people will spend money on alcohol or video games, I will happily spend on adding new ingredients to my spice collection, for example) and there are certain things that I have that I want to use, because I either have alot of it, or I need to use them soon. The three I narrowed it down to were dried cranberries, coconut, and chocolate squares. So I decided to make little packages of three types of sweets, cranberry-chocolate oat bars, coconut macaroons, and chocolate dipped shortbread. I have absolutely everything that these recipes (tried and true) have, I don't need to buy anything new, and if I may say so, they are delicious and give a nice presention when wrapped up in a clear bag with a bit of ribbon and a tag. I am quite happy with this decision!

I will post the recipes once I work them out!

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