Saturday, December 4, 2010

Life is full of good things, like

The smell of baking bread (yesterday was raisin cinnamon, tonight is berry bread)

Finding a new blog to help you become a better bread baker (

The healing process of a loved one being much faster than anticipated and absolutely without complications

Being finished projects you had no hope of finishing, even if the end product is not up to your expectations, it is still finished

A good night of fun boardgames with close friends

Discovering new tastes (like apple ice cider, mmm)

Listening to Oh Emmanuel, and Ave Maria at work to de-stress

Doing, folding, and putting away freshly done laundry (yup)

A clean house, an empty sink, a counter devoid of clutter

Snow falling

(Fill in the blank)

Times were and are pretty stressful lately, and I feel the need to remind myself that I have good things happening every day. They don't need to be great, but really its all the little good things that make life bearable when that one or two awful thing happen. Life really isn't so dreary, and I need to remember that.

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