Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fabric Fabric Fabric

So ever since I received my (FREE) spiffy sewing machine, I have been researching quilt patterns, reading books and articles, and looking at fabric to be able to make my first quilt (EEE)! I settled on making a baby quilt for a girl, to go along with the baby scrapbook that I had made. Who will that eventually go to, I have no idea, but I would guess either myself or my little sister, whoever has a daughter first!

So I ordered my fabric (on sale, booya!) off of Fabric Shoppe on Etsy, and I just received it!


 I cant wait to start! Of course, Ill be exercising my machine sewing skills on rags, dog scarves, and pillows before attacking the quilt, but this seems like another step on my journey of becoming an adequate and authentic homemaker. It feels good to get that feeling of rightness that comes from knowing your doing what you are somehow supposed to do, if that makes any sense. And just to bring it a step further, I'm off to bake a pie.


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  1. What a fine little home maker. I am jealous. Please teach a class on this!