Friday, April 22, 2011

Living the RRR

Reduce Reuse Recycle! To be green doesnt only fall under what products you use in your home and your self, or what choices you make when it comes to transportation, food, etc. It also comes down to plain old creative thinking and finding solutions to reducing your garbage, reusing/recycling the things around you in order to consume less. And if like me, your creative thinking process takes too long and all too often results in dead ends, the interweb is full of lovely ideas. Here is a few that I made today:

Hanger Ribbon Organizer
This was awesome in two parts - I used up a few hangers that were lying around, AND I liberated one of my drawers in my craft storage unit thingy.

Rain Barrel
Since I dont have 150$+ to spend on a rain barrel, I've been learning what I needed to do to make a DIY barrel work, and while taking a walk, I saw a garbage bin that was being thrown out and brought it home. Took off the wheels, and voila! A container to collect rainwater to water my eventual garden.

Milk Jug Birdfeeder
I had two huge plastic milk jugs that we had yet to put in the recycling bin, when I thought how easy it would be to make them into birdfeeders. I made some birdfeed with various bottom-of-the-bag nuts, cornmeal, and dried fruits, and hung them up outside in our frontyard.

pic taken from the internet, havent gotten to taking pics yet, will do soon


  1. How do you make it squirrel proof?

    1. In stead of cuttinf big holes, cut small holes for yhe birds

    2. Generally squirrels climb up the pole. This has no pole, it's hanging. No pole, no squirrels.

    3. If you want to keep the squirrels off put slinky over your poles. I decided to try it and it works great. No more losing full bird feeders of seed or things of suet. Plus is I used colored slinky and my poles have cute rings over them. Make sure to tie the slinks to the poles. I used pipe cleaners on mine.

  2. Not true, Vila Pruner, squirrels are clever little critters.
    They’ve climbed up the screening on my porch and launched themselves to the bird feeder!
    If it’s hanging from a tree branch, then it’s easy pickings for them. They are fun to watch as they figure out each obstacle you’ve put before them! ;}

  3. Won't help if squirrel is close enough for them to leap to it. (or slide down the wire)

  4. If you put Vaseline on the wire.they might not be able to get to the seed.

  5. It's fun to watch people pitting themselves against the devious squirrels!
    They are mini-commandos with PHds in cunning!