Friday, April 8, 2011


My seeds and plants have been chosen, organized, and planted in my home version of a greenhouse. The cheapest way to do this is to use an egg carton (brown cardboard, not styrofoam!), lightly perforate the bottom, do the planting process, and cover with plastic wrap. Ultimately, you would call it recycle, but when you have to throw away the egg carton after one use (which will not be accepted at the recycle depot because of the moisture that will have seeped through), re-wrap the plastic about once every week and a half to optimize the greenhouse effect (which is usually not biodegradable), I find that its worth spending the money to get a reusable conatiner. Which I found, at Canadian Tire, for 2.99$ with 36 compartments. Awesome!

So here is my seedling plot:

I also have a strawberry and raspberry plant in seperate containers. I am so excited to not only start this process, but learn what I can. What's the best type of soil, what is the best mulching techniques, what is the best fertilizer (apart from compost, which I was unfortunately denied the right to have no matter my best arguments)... I have to admit I cheated on my Lent promise to reserve my readings to spiritual only persusings with this book, which has helped me out so much already about the where/when/how/what questions. It might be a while till harvest time, but I am so looking forward to saying 'That cucumber came from my garden. Don't those strawberries taste so fresh?'

The backyard will also have some flowers and general landscaping, but that is a second priority to the consumer garden.

I am also looking into getting a rain barrel, but prices are ridiculous, so looking into DIY'ing that. 

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