Monday, April 25, 2011

A little bit of everything

I've settled on a fairly easy quilt pattern called the Fat Quarter Baby Quilt for my first attempt. It seems doable and simple, and Ive got everything I need except for a rotary cutter, which will be bought in the next month or so. I still havent found a good cloth/sewing store (apart from Fabricville), but am still looking. Im also looking into taking a course on sewing, so I can refresh what I do know and learn some more. School will be dropping to stage and once a week (occasionally weekends) which means a whole lot of liberated time slots and more time to do things I actually want to do! Woo!

My babies are growing! Its very interesting and thought provoking to see which are growing, and which are not.  

Those beans, cucumbers, and leeks are growing like MAD
  Here is a prayer that particularly struck me at Easter service this weekend (switching this keyboard is too confusing, so pardon the missing accents):

Pour que l'Eglise temoigne avec courage de l'amour immense de Dieu qui nous fait vivre, prions. Dieu de la vie, exauce-nous.
Pour que les personnes qui souffrent ou qui vivent des echecs ne desesperent pas de Dieu, prions. Dieu de la vie, exauce-nous.
Pour que chacun et chacune de nous fasse l'experience de la presence du Ressucite a l'oeuvre dans nos vies, prions. Dieu de la vie, exauce-nous.
 I also just started a new scrapbook for one of my girl friends. Due date: January 2012, so about 8 months. I am very excited about this! My ribbon hangers keeps peeking out at me from my closet enticing me to new ribbon-y adventures.

Use meeee

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  1. Yay! There's a Singer store in the Agrignon mall that has lots of notions, not so much fabric though. Fabricville seems to have the monopoly here. If you find otherwise let me know!