Sunday, January 2, 2011

I am, sometimes, a hypocrite

By that I mean that I have always hated medication. I do believe the human body is mostly capable of fighting off diseases, infections, and the like (let us forgo for the moment diseases that are man-made) and what we need help with God in His great vision has seen fit to put in nature for us to use. I believe in the power of natural medicine and of the concept of good will = speedy recovery. Physical and emotional environment has much to do with how we get sick and how we get better, so what we surround ourselves with (like fast food vs healthy food, or exercise vs couch potato attitude, or harmful cleaning chemicals vs natural/homemade cleaners) has a huge impact on how we feel. Which is why I personally detest having to take medication. I don't refute their extraordinary ability to 'heal' us, and their use in our modern society. However, they are entirely man made, filled with things we created, and in my personal experience, lead to the vicious circle of

'get sick = take medication which kills our natural immune system =  prone to being sick easier = get sick'

That being said, I have asthma, and it has never been well controlled. Not for lack of trying, the doctors pushed on me all kinds of medication, pumps and pills, in an effort to regulate my breathing. But nothing worked long term, and over the years my asthma has deteriorated my quality of life. Most people try to push on me the idea that if I exercise more, asthma will go away. However, that statement being very true and one that I fully acknowledge and advocate, they do not understand my situation. My asthma had screwed up my lungs so bad that when I changed atmospheres (for example going from inside to outside) I had to take my emergency pump. That equaled about 9-12 shots of emergency pump per day, when you are only supposed to take it once a week. Now try to tell me that going for a brisk walk every morning, noon, and night was going to do me good. I simply could not do it, which in turn made my asthma worst. Another evil circle.

When I went to see my doctor two weeks ago, he listened to my breathing, and told me that I wheezed enough to be taken into emergency treatment at the hospital (wheezing results from the airways of the lungs narrowing as a result of inflammation, making it more difficult for air to flow through the lung). I told him that I had become so used to this that I didn't consider this breathing out of the ordinary at all. He then prescribed a new pump which I was basically going to test. It combined two medications, Flovent and Cortizone, and (GASP) used the natural powers of eucalyptus to strengthen the medication. Well Ill be.

Let me just tell you, whoever made that pump is an absolute genius. I have him or her to thank for being able to sleep at night without waking up gasping for breath. Before I started taking that pump, I had not slept a full night for maybe 6-8 months, because if I had it would have meant dying of suffocation halfway through. I have almost completely stopped all other medication except for this one new pump, and it feels so good. Best of all, I took a walk yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that too. I can actually walk around my block without having to call 9-1-1. Its beautiful, and I feel so grateful! Now I can do exercise to eventually eradicate asthma from my life, and not to mention lose weight.

Truly, God is good!

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  1. Oh man awesome! That must be pretty new, I don't remember that pump from when I was working. Yay! !!!!!!!!!