Friday, January 28, 2011

Product Review - Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers

I hate frozen meals. They are so tasteless and disgusting, and generally speaking don't do the job of filling you up. Especially those meals that are supposed to be healthy, or for people watching their/trying to lose weight. I mean, apart from convenience, why try mass-produced frozen meals when the lunches I can make are 10000000000% better without even trying?

That was how I thought prior to trying these frozen meals pictured below. Yummy. And believe me, if its me saying it you better believe it!

They are the first frozen meal that I ever try that actually fill me, and are tasty. And guess what? Yup, they're healthy too! As much as a frozen meal can be anyway! Most of the meals that I have seen have at least one portion of vegetables, have no artificial flavors, and are high in iron and have at least 4 gr of fibre. The protein featured (which is usually grilled chicken) is exactly one portion or 3 ounces, and it is actually there, not onvisible or cut up so tiny you wonder if that's really chicken your eating!

The concept is deceptively simple, its in a two part container that has the sauce on the bottom bowl, and the top bowl has the pasta/rice/veggies/protein. No perforation or lifting of the corner or anything like that, the top bowl is actually made to steam the food with the hot air from the microwave. The best part is maybe that the sauce and the rest are seperated so you can choose how much sauce you want to have in your lunch.

There are 12 different varieties (some of them are harder to find than others), including one vegetarian option. I have tried maybe 7 out of the 12 . As a rule I tend to stay away from fish and seafood that wasn't made by me or someone I trust, so I did the same with these frozen meals. But my coup-de-coeur is the Red Pepper Alfredo, Sweet Sesame Chicken, and Grilled Basil Chicken.

All in all, if you ever have to buy frozen meals, or you like frozen meals to start with, I highly reccomend these!

Here is the website, more info on there including the nutritional information on every single product, and tips on eating and living better.

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