Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Curtain Part 2

So the curtains are finally done and up, with the help of Jeff's aunt and her lovely sewing machine (remind me to get me one of those). I taught myself to sew when I was younger, and started a few different sewing projects. I remember I cut off a pair of jeans and tried to make a plaid pattern by sewing squares of a darker jeans from yet another pair of cut up pants. I never finished them, sewing by hand is one long and arduous project, although quite relaxing I must admit.

Enough rambling, this is what the curtains look like now

Not very inspirational, I know. But they are white and have a quality about them that lets in light while conserving our privacym which is exactly what I was going for. That being said, I am in no way planning to leave them as is. Oh no, sir. Whiteness is an open canvas, daring me to do something... anything to put some life into them. So I think that I am going to try my hand at silk painting.

Well, more like fake-silk-white-cotton painting. Colours? Patterns? Design? Nothing is set yet, but I have a ton of ideas rifling through my head. As always. But I will strive to keep the simplicity in the white curtains that so attracted me in the first place, and focus on a simple design rather than an invasion of colour and/or pattern. Something along the lines of these:

I need to get me some fabric paint. Unless other types of paint work on fabric?

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  1. hey my love bug i say you do the cherry blosom one i love that one :) <3 its tania btw :)