Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Curtain

So in my 1 1/2, I have 3 windows, 1 frontal that is large and is covered by a blue curtain with a green bottom, and two side windows, which are small, about 28 inches long and maybe 20 inches wide. When we moved in, we put in pillows in place of curtains as a temporary fix. That was 6 months ago. I think its high time I put real curtains in, and I have my design in my head!

I purchased sheer white curtains with an embroidered leaf like design on it. Width wise, perfect fit, but lenght wise, theyre about two and a half times as long as they should be (shoot me, they were on special). So I will be planning to sew them up half ways, which would have been fine, but the curtains are too... sheer. Yes, I know, I bought them that way, but I would have thought that the embroidery would ave fogged up the view more than it actually did, especially doubled! But since it is what it is, I will have to cut up an equal square of another sheer curtain (without embroidery this time) and sew it up between the doubled layers of the curtains. That way I can keep the light aspect of the semi-sheer curtain to 'open' up my small one room appartment! I hope this works out!

My inspiration picture

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