Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I feel good James Brown style

I lost five lbs, and I went to the grocery store uesterday and lifted five lbs of potatoes. I can't believe that its off my body, thats incredible. More than anything, holding that weight, and seeing what it was gave me pause. Im actually enjoying working out, I look forward to it, and that is also a major difference in my way of thinking. One of my friends put it into words that actually blew my mind:
You have to change your mindset. You have to go from 'I dont feel like going to the gym.' to 'Ah finally, a chance to escape and go work out' Really let yourself fell and think like that, and everything will change for you.
Fantastic. I also decided to not go with a special diet, but just to make healthier choices one by one. For example, I cook mainly with chicken and reduced my red meat intake, switched from 2% to skim milk, and am eating alot more fresh fruit/vegetables. Those were the easy changes that I just had to adjust myself to. Harder is to adjust my choices when eating out. Im very proud to say that I havent eaten at any fast food restaurant for three weeks, instead choosing Subways (and healthy subs within Subways) when it has to be fast, and cooking at home as much as I can.

In other news, I joined the Biggest Loser Challenge at work, basically whoever loses the most weight by June wins the pot, which we all gave 10$ to. An added motivation, and its awesome that I can talk to cowrokers about this or that recipe, and this or that challenge to changing our lifestyles. Awesome!

Here is proof of my awesome door decorating skills, along with proof of my awful photography skills lol. Its a tree with the heandprints of all my kiddies as new leaves, if you cant tell.

I also got permission from my landlord (aka my mother haha) to shotgun a small strip of the tiny backyard to devote to planting. Im using eggcartons to start the germination process. Tomatoes, peppers, zuchinis, and maybe onions are on the planting list. Looking forward to a summer of dirty work with delicious end results!

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