Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday`s Three Small Successes (and more)

  1. I continue to work on a project that is due in a little less than two weeks. That, if anyone knows my work habits, is extraordinary.
  2. I took on the classroom door decoration duty. I had the kiddies choose whatever color they wanted for their hand, painted it, stamped it, and then laminated their (dried) handprints. I will then make a tree out of brown paper that they will also have painted, and attached the handprints to the branches, thus creating the effect of leaves. Or at least I hope so. I will also make a cheesy saying, like `Spring into Kindergarten`or something equally corny. I`ve been letting down work and focusing on school lately, so hopefully that will boost my value as an assistant.
  3. I ate breakfast this morning, and was full-er all day. I guess they weren`t lying when they said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day.
  4. I got up off my lazy bum and went to go 'shop' for an affordable gym membership yesterday night. Turns out, that doesnt exist. Not in my present budget anyways. But it gave me a feeling of having done something instead of just thinking about it.
  5. I ALSO washed the floor yesterday. That in itself isnt all that extraordinary, but yesterday wasnt the day for washing floors (Sunday and Friday is), and I did it just because I felt like it. It was awesome.

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