Monday, March 21, 2011

My dog

is honestly the sneakiest dog in the world. I left the bottom of a bowl of broth from my soup supper on the table, and she had been eyeballing it since I set it down. Since becoming progressively older and grumpier, her manners have been worsening and she does things she wouldnt have dared to try 5 years ago. So back to the story, I had to go to the bathroom, assuming that this carpet of a dog sleeping on the couch would not cause me grief.

How wrong was I? Im not a couple of minutes in, and what do I hear? The sound of my dog gleefully lapping up the remnants of my soup. Ick. Naturally I holler at her to stop, which she doesn't, of course. I finish my business, and head out, and where is she? Chomping away at her own food, looking up at me with an air of complete innocence, as if to say 'What are you yelling for, Ive been here this whole time?'.

Sneaky dog.

Who can say no to that face?


  1. baha. Ivy, I love you.

    Dogs do this when they get older. Not to sound Morbid- but it's as if they're like- I know my time is getting closer (not that hers is) and I will do whatever I want to do!!!

    All of my dogs did this in their senior years. I find Brandy is starting to do this now too!

    I honestly don't blame them. I'd totally do the same thing as a senior ;) and blame it on my oldness.

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