Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project Marmelade Update

So here I am, hours of soaking/boiling/straining/blending/canning later, with 15 jars of 250 ml of orange marmelade later sitting pretty in my fridge. I have this grand scheme of cutting fabric squares and attaching about 4-5 scones in a seperate bag to the cover, it would look pretty and delicious.

I call up the three old folks home in Chateauguay, turns out they cant take it to any of them due to the fact I have no family member living there. Weird, but maybe they didnt really understand what I was talking about. So now I call the hospital. For sure they will understand and there must be patients who dont get any visitors! I could spend some time with some and just hopefully liven their day up a bit.

Nope, not happening. I cant go drop off random food for people I dont have a connection to. What the heck. So now Im at a loss of what to do. Someone suggested Dans La Rue, and checking out other shelters, Ill see what I can do with those.

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  1. Hmm yeah that's strange! Try the home Champlain on Salaberry Sud, I used to work there. Ask to speak to the rec & leisure dept - it used to be Jocelyne, though she may have retired now... that would get you in for volunteering. If it's still her you can mention you know me if you'd like. I don't know if the marmalade would work because like 90% of them are diabetic though!