Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Thoughts

Although I am against this idea of weddings being made into big shows, I am still excited for my own (although still over a year away) and will no doubt devote a few blogs to this subject.

That being said, Jeff and I went wedding ring (bands?) shopping today and learnt that:

A) rings are expensive and thank God we are simple people with simple tastes. Myself, I just don't like to not know where the precious stones came from, so the whole issue of blood diamonds makes a pretty strong case against them for me. Plus, I don't really enjoy jewelery, and very rarely wear any. So to have this big gawky ring full of expensive stones would just contrast horribly with everything I stand for in simplicity, and would give thieves ideas in any case. Jeff likewise has a sense of minimalist simplicity in his way of dressing himself, so the bling bling would just not fit.

and B) jewellers are so very pushy. And that makes for an immediately awkward and unpleasant experience. No matter what the amazing deal to be had, according to the jeweller, I will probably not buy if you try to push me into making a decision. Almost guaranteed our reaction will be to immediately attempt to leave the store. Also, your hygiene plays a pretty big role too (I highly reccommend people to not go to Bijouterie Venise in Angrignon).

Also there are some funny things people engrave on the inside of their bands. Such as BETTER THAN BACON. Classic.

Here's another thing. Sexy. Now sexy is a word that has been associated to wedding gowns all over the web and inside stores. And I have to admit that I am confused by this. I understand wanting to look beautiful, elegant, lovely, etc. But why sexy? To me, sexy is a look that I want to keep for my husband alone, not something I want to take family pictures with my grandmother. For example:


Ok so the one on the right is extreme. But its a true story. One only has to put in 'sexy wedding dress' on images in Google to see the kinds of dresses some people like to buy. Super short, super tight, super low cut, see-through, why in the world do you want anyone but your husband in the most private of times to see you dressed in that?? I will never understand...


  1. lol to the dresses.

    We got our rings at - decent prices. They emphasize stones but have plain bands as well ( I'd recommend going in person to have your ring finger measured, though!