Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poem - A Sinner's Plea

Is God still showing me love
As He looks down from above?
He silently sheds a tear
as He longs to be near.
To be His child is my true calling,
So why am I continually falling?
The Sinner's eternally cry,
For their broken wings just cannot fly.
Now I long to change...that's what I say,
But why is it that I won't pray?
What is it going to take
To finally make me break?
Where is that longing fire
That showed my true hearts desire?
What will be the final cost
If I forever am lost?
I still am crying out to be free,
But is this my hearts true plea?
I have it all right in front of me,
Still my covered eyes cannot see.

Allissa Thornburg

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