Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday GJE

  1. Maman's knowing hands, when she wraps a scarf around my head and tells me to stop being silly, what am I thinking, going out with my hair wet in this weather without a hat??
  2. The smell of cooking onions, peppers, and mushrooms to hungry stomachs.
  3. Husband's silly nose kisses.
  4. Fluffy furry little bodies snoring away beside me.
  5. Music as the first thing I hear in a new day.
  6. Hearing the exact song you wanted to hear on the radio when you drive the car.
  7. Baby roses peeking out behind a photo of love.
  8. Extra sharp cheese on peppery crackers.
  9. Leftovers.
  10. Annoying little sisters who call really late to let you know she's getting her bellybutton pierced.

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