Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday GJE

I have almost reached 100 entries in my journal. 100 gifts of love and peace and joy. There for the taking, and always there waiting for me to notice, if I just stopped expecting for a second.

  1. the tang of fresh lemon curd on my tongue
  2. the satisfaction of seeing a completed, healthy, balanced, and extremely appetizing weekly meal plan (I dont think I will ever get over this)
  3. surprising my husband with the cookies I told him I wasnt going to do because theyre full of sugar (which they are, but which he loves)
  4. the schrch-schrch sound of the food processor as it makes fresh graham crumbs
  5. quiet appartment
  6. quiet music
  7. sleepy puppies
  8. empty sink
  9. clean counter, with just enough clutter to make it Cyn's kitchen
  10. crushed candycanes just begging to be used.
  11. toes peeking out from a blanket at nap time.
  12. still moment, still heart, still breathing.

said toes, sleepy puppies, and the reason why the apt is quiet LOL

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